Publications related to project ISOLDA – part 4

Since 2020, the ISOLDA consortium has been collaborating to develop improved vaccines against viral infections for older adults. The collaboration has resulted in a number of peer-reviewed articles in academic journals. Over the coming months, we will share these articles in the News section of our website.

Following part 1, part 2, and part 3 of this blog series, the consortium is proud to present another nine academic publications related to project ISOLDA:

#TitleAuthorsJournalDOI and URL
16How Can We Improve Vaccination Response in Old People? Part I: Targeting Immunosenescence of Innate Immunity CellsAnna Aiello, Mattia Emanuela Ligotti, Maider Garnica, Giulia Accardi, Anna Calabrò, Fanny Pojero, Hugo Arasanz, Ana Bocanegra, Ester Blanco, Luisa Chocarro, Miriam Echaide, Leticia Fernandez-Rubio, Pablo Ramos, Sergio Piñeiro-Hermida, Grazyna Kochan, Nahid Zareian, Farzin Farzaneh, David Escors, Calogero Caruso, Giuseppina CandoreInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences10.3390/ijms23179880 View here
17An immunologist’s guide to immunosenescence and its treatmentCalogero Caruso, Mattia Emanuela Ligotti, Giulia Accardi, Anna Aiello, Giuseppina CandoreExpert Review of Clinical Immunology10.1080/1744666x.2022.2106217 View here
18Immunopathology and Immunosenescence, the Immunological Key Words of Severe COVID-19. Is There a Role for Stem Cell Transplantation?Mattia Emanuela Ligotti, Fanny Pojero, Giulia Accardi, Anna Aiello, Calogero Caruso, Giovanni Duro, Giuseppina CandoreFrontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology 10.1371/10.3389/fcell.2021.725606 View here
19Lessons from Sicilian centenarians for anti-ageing medicine. The Oxi-inflammatory statusCalogero Caruso, Giulia Accardi, Anna Aiello, Anna Calabrò, Mattia E Ligotti, Giuseppina CandoreTranslational Medicine @ UniSa10.37825/2239-9747.1036 View here
20How Important Are Genes to Achieve Longevity?Calogero Caruso, Mattia Emanuela Ligotti, Giulia Accardi, Anna Aiello, Giovanni Duro, Damiano Galimberti, Giuseppina CandoreInternational Journal of Molecular Sciences10.3390/ijms23105635 View here
21Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus vaccine based on a propagation-defective RNA replicon elicited sterilizing immunity in miceJ. Gutiérrez-Álvarez, J. M. Honrubia, A. Sanz-Bravo, E. González-Miranda, R. Fernández-Delgado, M. T. Rejas, S. Zúñiga, I. Sola, L. EnjuanesPNAS10.1073/pnas.2111075118 View here
22SARS-CoV-2-mediated lung edema and replication are diminished by cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator modulatorsJose M. Honrubia, Javier Gutierrez-Álvarez, Alejandro Sanz-Bravo, Ezequiel González-Miranda, Diego Muñoz-Santos, Carlos Castaño-Rodriguez, Li Wang, Marta Villarejo-Torres, Jorge Ripoll-Gómez, Ana Esteban, Raul Fernandez-Delgado, Pedro José Sánchez-Cordón, Juan Carlos Oliveros, Stanley Perlman, Paul B. McCray Jr., Isabel Sola, Luis EnjuanesmBio10.1128/mbio.03136-22 View here
23Recent Developments in NSG and NRG Humanized Mouse Models for Their Use in Viral and Immune ResearchMaksym Kitsera, Jesús Emanuel Brunetti, Estefanía RodríguezViruses10.3390/v15020478 View here
24Use of Hu-PBL Mice to Study Pathogenesis of Human-Restricted VirusesJesús Emanuel Brunetti, Maksym Kitsera, César Muñoz-Fontela, Estefanía RodríguezViruses10.3390/v15010228 View here

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